girl room decor ideas for small rooms

girl room decor ideas for small rooms

(music) ooo...i caught that. hello guys. it is meg. i still can't get over my new hair. i can't believe i just chopped it off myself. actually i can. so, i posted a picture of me in my room the other day on twitter i believe; and a lot of you guys asked about the background, decorations, and all of that. and a lot of the stuff was actually d-i-y 's that i just

make myself. i am constantly making random things and they just either end up in my room by accident or i'm like "oh this is cute yeah let me hang it on the wall". and i know you guys really like room decor videos and that type of thing. so, i decided this video would be a good idea. give this video a thumbs up if you like d-i-y videos. ummm...okay! let's get into the video. (swoosh) so, i had this theory that the first thing you see

when you walk into a room is very important. soo, we are going to start with a welcome sign. so i guess it's what you see...before you walk in. and all you need is a frame and some yarn. it doesn't matter what color or anything. just pick your favorites, and then wrap it around in some kind of geometric-y way that looks like maybe could be a modern art type thing. and then, you can put whatever you want on your little sign.

so just get a marker and a notepad, write out some type of a welcome message...can be your name, can actually say welcome, or it can really be anything you want...and slide it in there somewhere. i like it cause it's just so easy. and then, you just put it on the door. alright, so aside from what you see when you first walk in the room, i think the next important thing is... the five senses. so, we're gonna start with touch.

basically, make things fuzzy. i like to add pipe cleaners to my door handles. i just wrap them around. and it's fuzzy. and it looks cool. and it's nice to touch. and people always think it's cool when they come over. soo...that is one of my favorite things, and it's so easy. so make sure, if you have pipe cleaners, you try that one. and the next thing is just to do the same but instead of just wrapping them around for fun, literally guys, try to make handles with them

for your drawers. i did it for like all the drawers on my dressers. and then ones under my bed. i'm obsessed with things that look cool and also have a function. so it's a handle, but it's also art. okay, so the next one we're doing is...wait hold up. okay you see that orange paint right there? yeah, it's driving me crazy. and, it's going to be there the whole video. but, just try and ignore it. anyway, moving on to this next one, which is all about

the smell sense. i making fake popery. basically, i wanted things that smelled nice, that i could hang around my room, that's like my choice of smell. so i just chose my favorite perfumes, sprayed it on these little fabric flower things i got at target, and hung them around my room in different places. alright, and finally we get to taste. the food one, which is my favorite one. i have been waiting for this one. you just make fake chill pills. this one i did not

make up. i saw it on pinterest i think. and, i thought it was really cute. you literally just put gumballs or gobstoppers, whatever you want, in a jar. label it 'chill pills', and then put it somewhere in your room. and it adds this fun, colorful decoration. okay, and the next one is super super simple. all it is, is a sleep tray. so just something you put on your bedside table that has things that help you sleep on it. on mine, i have a candle, some lavender pillow spray,

and melatonin. but, don't worry, i light the candle before i go to sleep. like while i'm reading or something. and then i blow it out before i go to bed. so yeah, make sure you do that so you don't burn your house down, cause...that would suck. for the last one, just like i think the first thing you see is important, i think the last thing you see is important too. so i made a little mirror station by my door. that way like on my way out of my room,

into the real world, i can just do like the last minute stuff. so all i did was hang a little gift bag under a mirror on my wall. and put things like lipstick, a brush in it. things that i can like fix my face or hair with quickly. and, it comes in handy. cause then i feel like 'alright i'm set to go out into the world'. okay, so if you could paint your room any color at all, what would you paint it? let me know down below. umm...and yeah, alright. i will see you guys later

umm...and i'll see you guys before later on instagram and twitter and snapchat cause you guys know i'm addicted to them. and yeah, bye!

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